Industrial Solutions

Power Innovations is a full-service electrical contractor experienced in providing industrial and commercial services at every level.

We are an excellent choice for your facility’s electrical service needs. Our team has a wide range of expertise in providing design-build solutions, construction, engineering, integration, and maintenance. We offer service to the following but not limited to;

  • Cranes
  • MCC
  • Controls Design
  • Magnets
Our highly skilled electricians adhere to all OSHA guidelines as well as state and local requirements. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality electrical services at a competitive price.

We Help You Maintain Production

Power Distribution is critical for manufacturing and industry. Every hour of downtime is a lost revenue, so maintaining production is critical. At Power Innovations our experience includes manufacturing and fabrication facilities, steel mills, and scrap yards. We work with mining operations and chemical plants.

  • Fast response times.
  • Complex control design.
  • AC/DC Motors
Preventative maintenance and safety checks help prevent faults in aging and overloaded systems, preventing damage from electrical fires.